Stanford University Certified Project Manager
Bachelor of Science with Government/Pre-Law Major
Certificate of Training – Mixed Combatives Course
Diploma – US Army Ranger Course
Diploma – US Army Airborne Course
Certificate of Completion – Team O’Neil 5 Day Security Rally School
Certificate of Training – Highway Safety and Accident Avoidance School
Counter-terrorist Driving Course
Certificate of Completion – Mobile Force Protection Course
Certification – Evasive Driving, Off-Road Driving, Unimproved Road Driver Training and Vehicle Commandeering Course
Certification – Unimproved Road Driver Training, Evasive Driving Course, and Personal Protection Module
Certificate of Training – Basic Field Technical Operations Course
Certificate of Training -Basic Surveillance Operations and Defensive Driving Course
Special Survival Training 215
Special Survival Training 245
Certificate of Completion – Asymmetrical Software Training Program
Certificate of Training- ASAS Light, and Foxtrot
Certificate of Training – Security Managers Course